Basic Fighter Maneuvers -An Introduction

I began my virtual flying in the last decade of the last century. In the intervening two decades I have witnessed remarkable advances in computer technology that have enabled the creation of virtual worlds that closely resemble reality for our visual and aural senses. We cannot replicate smells and physical forces quite yet, but I am confident that, too, will come.

Unfortunately, the intervening decades have also seen a decline in the interest and study of virtual air combat. In the early days, there were no computer generated opponents online. Arenas full of real human opposition. Player versus Player (PvP) was the only game in town. We wanted computer controlled targets such as ships, trucks, tanks and bombers, never dreaming they would be the primary focus of virtual air combat someday.

This series is my personal attempt to bring the challenge and excitement of visual range virtual air combat back to the forefront.

Firing active radar missiles from extreme ranges and all aspect infrared missiles are all the rage in the real world. However, they lack the mental and physical challenges presented by visual range combat using a gun or rear aspect short range missile. Weapons that require you to engage in a millisecond decision loop, solving complex three dimension geometric relationship problems while maneuvering you virtual machine and keeping sight of the bandit.

That is the realm this series will address. I hope you will stay tuned and learn what I learned. Virtual air combat is a lifelong challenge. One can always be better. As the physical skills deteriorate with age, the mind must be honed to compensate. As a bonus, the teamwork required will build friendships that may last decades as well.

Happy Hunting!

Patrick “Dawger” Miceli

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