There are only two

If you closely examine every primary maneuver you will discover they are compose of only two elements linked in series. We will name them roll and pull.
A roll is rotation about the longitudinal axis. A pull is rotation about the lateral axis.

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Three Aircraft Axes of Rotation

Here are some examples.

The loop is a pull modulated for intensity over time.

The Split S is a 180 degree roll followed by a pull.

The Immellman is a pull followed by a roll.

It is key to success that we maximize the efficiency of these two building blocks so repetitive practice in executing them in the most efficient manner is required.

In order to maximize a roll there are several things we can do. We will examine the maximum performance roll in order.

The first step is to UNLOAD the aircraft. Unload or unloaded is the aircraft in zero G flight. Not negative or positive G. This is very difficult to do in the virtual world because we cannot feel the G forces acting upon us. It is essential that you practice unloading each aircraft type you fly to gain a feel for the forward stick required to produce zero G in various speeds and attitudes. Attitude is important because we always have 1 G of acceleration towards the center of the earth and we must account for this at all times.

We unload the aircraft because this will remove all induced drag, helping us maintain speed. It also increase our roll rate for the same reason.

Once unloaded we will apply full stick in the direction of roll and rudder. Rudder should be applied smoothly to avoid excessive yaw which will produce drag as the fuselage misaligns in the relative wind.

Opposite stick and rudder to stop the roll at the desired angle and our maximum performance roll is complete.

Pulls only require that we are smooth in our stick movements and only pull as hard as necessary to achieve the objective. Abrupt and excessive pulls will bleed energy unnecessarily. Practice should be undertaken in the stick movements required to achieve pulls at varying G force levels in each aircraft we fly.

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